Monday, August 20, 2007

Forum Addiction

You can all relax. Although I was certainly consumed with the Eclipse forum last week, you'll all be happy to know that I have backed off a bit. Four hours in one night was a bit much, don't you think?

As frustrating as the forum was at times, I have to say that it ended up being great fun. I even felt like I made some online friends. Now I'm sad because we're all moving on, or should I say getting back to our normal lives and tending to much more important matters, but I have to say, I think I'll miss chatting with a few of those crazy fans. I won't miss getting told I'm a horrible person who knows nothing about teenagers, and of course getting told I have something shoved up my ass isn't something I need to hear again any time soon, but the others were fun. We shared book suggestions, husband talk, and told stories about our kids, plus we enjoyed swooning over Edward (and for Wolf Girl, Jacob, too). It was fun, but as I said, I must tend to my real life.

I'm happy to report that last week I cranked out 16,000 words for the new project I'm working on. It's considered a YA novel, and I am loving it very much. After the last book, I wasn't certain I could ever love any other characters as much as the ones from my first novel, but I'm finding that if anything, the opposite is true. Perhaps it's the story, or maybe I'm just getting better at this, but I'm finding that there is more depth to the story and the characters, and the emotions run far deeper in this one. It's very different on so many levels ...different genre, setting, conflict, etc., plus, my main character isn't witty and funny, so there isn't as much silly humor. Regardless, I'm so happy to be writing again, and I can't wait to finish this and get it out to people to see what they think.

I saw "Becoming Jane" at the theater this weekend. I really enjoyed it, and not just because Austen is my favorite author and I have a Pride and Prejudice addiction. For me, it was great to see her struggling and working on her writing even though everyone was against her pursuiing a writing career. I can relate to that, so it meant a lot to me. Anyone can write, but the odds of making a career out of it aren't favorable, then or now. Her strong will inspired me.

Speaking of writing careers ...I saw this morning that Stephenie Meyer, author of my beloved Twilight series and creator of my most precious Edward Cullen, vampire and lover extraordinaire, is now being compared to JK Rowling because of the astounding sales of the recently released Eclipse. With 1.5 million in sales in just two weeks, the book/series is now # 2 on the list, second only to Rowling. Exposure to Meyer and the series is everywhere, and all this success makes me wonder: how does a person's life change when you sell 1.5 million copies of a book?

Before Twilight was published, Meyer was a stay-at-home mom in Arizona. I can't imagine what her life will be like now. Jennifer Weiner claims that she lives a normal life and is unknown by everyone; she is a NY Times bestselling author, but 1.5 million in two weeks is really unheard of. Rarely does that happen, and I wonder if the author is excited, how could she not be, but also overwhelmed? It's just a thought that nobody probably cares about more than me, but it's been on my mind.

Tonight, I will be watching the movie The Covenant. Why? Well, my online friends have recommended it because we are all busy trying to decide what actors should be cast in the movie version of Twilight. According to my pals, the perfect actors for Edward and Jacob are in this teen movie, so naturally, I had to rent it. Like I've said a gazillion times, this is important business. And hey, I'll work my tail off today and accomplish all things on my "To Do" list, so why can't I watch a little vampire movie and drool over 20 year-olds? A girl has to have a bit of mindless fun, right?

Big Girl is back to school again. This is the first full week, so I'm a bit nervous about how tired and whiny she may become. Or maybe not. Positive thoughts! Waking up at 6:30 AM will have no negative effects on her! And Little Man went to check out his preschool today while I had a teaching meeting. He loved his teacher and is excited about starting later in the week, although he was quite disappointed that he doesn't get to ride a bus yet.

Edward Cullen Swooner Moment of the Day: "I love you. I want you. Right now."

Okay, can anyone hear me growling???? Not in a ferocious, bear-is-going-to-attack-you sort of way, but more like a sexy, Catwoman type growl that truthfully, when I attempted it, was far more amusing than seductive. Perhaps I should never try that again.

What I'm reading: The Book Thief
Miles to run today: Um, yeah, right.


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