Friday, August 31, 2007

Silly Friends

I received two email messages this morning that really ruffled my feathers.

One was from my cousin/friend, who told me how gross her skin was, how fat her butt was, how ugly her clothes were, and something else that I can't remember about how gross she was. Basically, she has described herself as ugly, fat, and poorly dressed.

The other message was from another BFF, who told me how HORRIBLE a person she is because she forgot about a meeting for work and the dinner she was supposed to make for a family from church. She went on for several lines telling me how horrible and unthoughtful she is.

Hmm. One claims to just be having a bad day, and the other is just stressed out with a workload too big for her shoulders to carry. It's okay to have a bad day, and I'm glad they don't keep it all bottled up inside. I certainly have those days where I hate everything about myself and can't seem to find any redeeming qualities about Miss Viola. On these sort of days, there is nothing worse than feeling alone. There is nothing better than having a friend pick you back up. I'm glad they came to me, so I can try to make them see just how utterly fabulous they both are.

You don't know who I'm talking about, but let me tell you, my "ugly and fat" cousin/friend is anything but ugly and fat. In fact, my husband always says about her, "she is so pretty. She gets prettier all the time." It's true. She has curly hair that I would die for. She looks pretty naturally, without tons of makeup. Some of us have to cover up our flaws, and despite what she thinks, to the rest of us, it doesn't look like she has anything to cover up. As for being fat, well, I remember at church one time, I saw her walk in with her husband. I was sitting with my grandma who leaned over and said, "Look at her. She's so little and petite. She's so cute." It's true, and it makes me sad that she doesn't see it.

As for my "horrible" friend, well, that's almost funny. Of all the people I have ever met in my life, she is the most thoughtful, selfless, kindest person I've ever known. She always does more things for other people than she does for herself. She's often tired because she gives so much of herself, whether it be cooking meals, sending surprise gifts in the mail, adding people to her mile long prayer list, never forgetting birthday gifts or special times in the lives of her friends and family, or planning surprise bday parties for her husband. Trust me, she makes the rest of us look bad, and she thinks she is horrible! So, so untrue. She's kind and genuine and sweet all the time, and she makes me a better person just because she's my friend.

I once had a boss who wasn't complimentary often, but when she did, she was honest and did it with style. I'm not sure if my post today has any style or special flair, but I wanted to take the opportunity to praise my two friends who are just having a bad day, moment, whatever you want to call it. As my former boss said, "we don't often take time out to praise someone. This is it."

As an adult, I feel so lucky to have the friends I have, and not just these two. Like Jennifer Aniston said in an interview shortly after her divorce went through, "I couldn't have done it without my girls. They're everything to me." I feel blessed to have all my peeps, and I'm so lucky to have so many. I remember once, my sister told me when I was in my early twenties that it wasn't high school anymore, that I could choose the people I wanted in my life. My friends didn't have to be my friends simply because we went to school together or because there was a lack of options. As I get older, I've found that this is true, and I'm so proud of the friends I have. They (you, if you're reading) are all super. Each adds something special to my life in a different way, and I'm so thankful for them all. Something of them are family. Some are old friends dating back to my childhood. Some are new friends I met as an adult. Either way, I feel lucky they all walked into my life, and I'm happy that we chose each other.

Like I said, we all have bad days where we can't stand ourselves or beat ourselves up for something we've done. I just wanted to boost up my two peeps, as they've done for me countless times. We should all do that more often. Right?

And now, I'm proud to say (yes, we're on a different subject now) that Miss Viola has written 40,000 words of her new project! Yeehaw! And my "horrible" friend has seen a small piece and sent me the most complimentary email today where she praised me and compared me to the likes of Shakespeare. Not really, but she did send some super thoughts about the piece my way, and I'm so thankful. It inspired me to keep going. I just wish I could write all day!

Something else ...I squeezed my butt into an old pair of capris today, and I'm happy to report that if you do lunges down your hallway, sit "criss cross applesauce" while working on the computer, and tuck your left leg under your butt while driving, you can actually make a pair of pants that are much too small for your butt fit over your body! Does it look attractive? Hell, no! But they're on! That has to count for something.

Oh, and another super friend of mine had a baby yesterday. Miss Avery Kate joined the world at 6 pounds 13 ounces and 20 inches. I can't wait to see her. I'm sure she is beautiful like her mother.

Next week, I'll be back to talking about my precious Edward. Yes, only 10 days until I join the other freaks in my "Bite Me" t-shirt! I'm an official Edward Cullen Fan Club Member! It's going to be super fun, and I can't wait to go with my awesome (not ugly and fat) cousin. We're going to have a blast. Also, next week, I'll probably continue praising my friends. It feels nice spreading the love around. Keep reading to see if you're mentioned. You're all too wonderful for me to keep quiet.

Book I just finished: Crank by Ellen Hopkins
Book I'm still reading: The Book Thief
Number of episodes of "Lost" I will watch with my niece tonight: SEVEN!
Miles to Run: um ... next week, maybe?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cougars Unite!

It was my friend's birthday last week. I'm happy that it's her birthday so she can celebrate and get presents, funny cards, singing messages on her voicemail, etc. Anyone who knows me is definitely aware that I love celebrating my birthday, so I'm excited when it's somebody else's big day, even though nobody seems to be as excited about theirs as I am mine. I have to admit though, as the numbers go up, the less excited I get.

Time seems to go by so fast that I don't think we realize how we age physically. I still feel and act, unfortunately, like I'm a twenty year-old sometimes, so I just walk around thinking I look like I did ten years ago instead of the way I look now as a thirty-something. Now don't get me wrong: I'm not upset with the way I look for my age. I'm just noticing that I don't get carded anymore, and I swear that sometimes when I'm out and about, I've seen giggly teenage girls look at me like I'm the "old" lady.

My friend, who is the same age as I am, was out recently at a bar with another friend, and apparently some younger guys were checking her out and referred to her as a cougar. My research revealed that a cougar in slang terms means "an attractive older lady." WTF?!!? She's in her early thirties! They were right when they said she was attractive because she's as adorable and tiny as ever, but still! An older lady! Whatever.

It's true. Age is only a number. I can be thankful for my age and be happy for all the days I have. I also realize that you're only as old as you think you are, that you can do anything and be anything you want, despite your age. Still, as offended as I may be by the fact that my friend was referred to as an attractive "older" lady, well, I admit to still wanting to be one.

That said, I admit to being shallow and wanting a bit of Botox. Not much, just a little shot right between my eyebrows. The battle against that huge wrinkle is not going in my favor. And after that, perhaps a little teeth whitening? Oh, and that one dimple I had on the backs of my thighs when I was twenty five, well, it found some friends. Must get rid of those. Yes, it's true! I want to be a Cougar. How pathetic is that? Oh well. I know I'm not alone. I'm sure that my friends have their aging wishlists as well, so I say, Cougars Unite! Wahoo!

Other news: I'm happy to report that the big girl is still doing well at school. The Hound Dogs are still in effect, and she and the gang are having fun, adding new members, playing soccer, and are even branching out at recess to meet other friends. It seems as if they bonded together in their new student status, and after only three days, have the strength to face the first grade playground alone. I guess it's true what the teacher told me about first graders being resilient. Let's hope that my girl stays that way.

The little man is still enjoying school every day. He still loves his pretty teacher and enjoys telling us about the hermit crabs in his classroom. "Mommy," he says after class each day, "did you know that we have a pet called a hermit crabs? And guess what? He has a shell and legs that stick out." He is so intrigued. It's so fun to watch him become more independent while discovering the world.

Some exciting news: I'm going to the Stephenie Meyer book signing in Cincinnati! My cousin and I went last time and had a blast. I've been mentioning it casually, hoping she would want to go again, and finally, she called and said we should do it. I happened to have a couple parenting meltdowns just days before she called, so I'm not sure if she's going because she wants to or because she desperately thinks I need a night out! Either way, we're going with our stack of books, "I Love Edward Cullen" t-shirts, and a nice quiet car to chat in for three hours! I can't wait!

What I'm reading: Still on The Book Thief
Miles to run: Run? Who runs?
What's playing on my IPOD: my new favorite youthful song: "Here in Your Arms" by Hello Goodbye

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Hound Dogs

So I've been worrying a bit about my "big" girl.

Her teacher thinks I'm nuts. She also thinks I'm sweet and nice. She even hugged me. Still, she thinks I'm nuts.

Yes, I've been told by EVERYONE that first grade is a HUGE transition for kids. With the longer hours, three recesses, and more intense work (yes, it can be intense in first grade!), they become tired, weepy, and moody. It's normal to be exhausted when beginning first grade, and my daughter shouldn't be the exception. I don't expect that at all. Believe me, Tired, Weepy, and Moody have all paid a visit to our house this week, and honestly, I wouldn't worry about it that much had we not moved. If she were still going to the old school, any crying, anxiety, nerves, or worries she experienced would be just blown off as part of the normal transition that becoming a big kid requires. I get it. Really, I do, but ...

I just can't get over the move, and I worry that it could be worse for her than I thought. My girl has cried. I've cried. We've both had serious meltdowns, all because she almost missed a bus, thought she did miss a bus, went to school at the wrong time, took longer than anyone else to complete the homework, and wasn't able to sit with the neighbor girl because she did miss the bus! It's been a crazy week. Obviously, since I asked my 18-year-old nephew if he would mind contacting the local crack dealer at his high school to see if he could hook me up with some recreational drugs. I tried to convince my nephew that getting high might make me a better parent, but he wasn't convinced. He also didn't think I was very funny.

In the end, Big Girl's teacher has assured me that she is fine at school. She laughs, talks, does her work well, and even smiles and bats her eyes at a certain boy. The teacher has also told me repeatedly that kids are resilient and have to learn to be tough. She's also reminded me that I can "give her wings, but she has to learn to fly." True. Still, I was worried. Until today.

Apparently, a girl from her class who "acts nice when the teacher is around but is SUPER sassy when the adults leave" was quite mean on the playground. In fact, she allegedly said to my little lady, "Your shirt is green and brown. It's ugly, and I hate it."

When Big Girl told me this, I said, "What did you say?

BG: Nothing.

Me: Why not?

BG: (shrugs, says nothing)

Me: Well, you should have said something like, "If you don't like my shirt, don't look at it." Or maybe something like, "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all." You know what I mean?

BG: (shrugs, says nothing)

Me: I mean, you can't just do nothing. You have to stick up for yourself. Don't just stand there and let someone tell you that your shirt is ugly.

BG: (hesitates, then sighs) Well, I did do something.

Me: Good! What did you do?

BG: I flicked her.

Me: Flicked her? Like, with your finger?

BG: (blushing and smiling simultaneously) Yeah. I just reached out and flicked her on her shoulder. And she scowled at me and walked off.

Well, obviously I had to control myself from laughing and cheering at the same time. I was so proud of her because she doesn't often defend herself from the "sassy" people, yet this time she flicked someone! I did tell her later that she probably shouldn't flick someone because she could get in trouble for "assaulting" another student, but still, I was thrilled after our week of tears and worries, to hear that she might just be capable of sticking up for herself. And the best part of it was: she had comrades right beside her as she flicked away on Miss Clothing Critic! One of them said, "Well, I like your shirt." And the other one, well, he threatened to punch the Clothing Critic! That's all beside the point. The point is, the Big Girl might have a couple of friends!

One little boy (who is fluent in French and Spanish) teaches her Spanish at recess. Another little girl just moved here from Texas and owns horses. And the other one threatened to dethrone the "Monkey Bars Club."

Since you're wondering, the Monkey Bars Club consists of a group of first grade boys who sit on the bars and refuse to let anyone pass. Unless of course, you decide to "hang on them and do it anyway, which is what you just do." Again, this is all beside the point. The point is ... 1) There is a club. 2) They have rules. And 3) Big Girl and her friends have not only found each other (for today anyway), but they stuck together to defend their clothing preferences and rights to use the monkey bars! Yes, they've formed an alliance! They're buds. Chums. Peeps. Bitches. Call them what you want, what's important, is that for today, she had someone at her new school, and I cannot even begin to tell you how happy that makes me!

How did this all end today? Well, Big Girl and her new possible friends have created their own club. Mind you, it is a club that anyone can belong to, unless you are sassy. If you have a sassing problem, you can still be in the club, but you'll be asked not to sass. The name of this club ...the Hound Dogs. Why? "Because we all have dogs." Oh, and they're all bringing them to school on Thursday! That should be fun!

Anyway, the whole point of this post is that even though I had to drag it out of her, she admitted that school could be okay someday and that maybe, just maybe, she might have made a friend. Nothing is set in stone of course, which means we'll both be sobbing about something else next week, but still, the Hound Dogs were at it today, and that thrills me to no end.

Miles to Run: I give up. Perhaps next week?
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Monday, August 20, 2007

Spiders and Witches and Fast Cars ...Oh my!

Yes, I am watching "The Covenant." It is beyond tacky, yet I can't turn it off.

Synopsis of Favorite Scene Number One:

Crazy witch boy makes super hot girl (Kate) get attacked by poisonous spiders. Kate's boyfriend, super hot boy I will refer to as Ab-tastic, comes to rescue her . You see, Crazy Witch Boy was left out of the sacred little witch club, and he's not only pissed, but yes, he's back with a vengeance! To make his point, he kills random students, stalks the ladies in the showers, and sicks venomous spiders on them, thus making them the sacrificial lambs of the original boys in the witch club. Obviously, this is creativity at its best, and the dialogue is, well, read it for yourself.

Ab-tastic: You better not kill, Kate! Or, I'll KILL you!!!!!!!

(big scary music, followed by Crazy Witch Boy's eyes turning bright orange for a split second, signalling that yes, he is indeed a true son of Ipswich! AAAHHHHH!)

Crazy Witch Boy: So, you've come to save Little Miss Muffet (get it? she was attacked my spiders!)? Well, you're TOO LATE! Ah! HA HA!!!!

It's short and sweet, but you get the point.

Another favorite scene includes the bad boy of the Witch Club that I like to call Draco Malfoy because he looks EXACTLY like Tom Felton from the HP movies. Draco uses his magical powers to make his SUV disappear from the police as he drives it off a cliff. As his eyes turn black signalling that he is in witch/power mode, Draco slams on the gas and yells, "Harry Potter can kiss my ass!"

Yes, it's silly and a bit cheap, considering that Harry is THE ultimate boy wizard, but when you see the eerie resemblance between the two actors, it's actually a bit clever. Well, maybe not.

And then there are the deep moments, when the incredibly hot Steven Strait (playing the part of Caleb Danvers, the first of the witch club to ascend) explains the witch phenomenom to his beautiful Sara...

Caleb: When you're thirteen you get a taste of the power. At eighteen, we fully ascend, and our powers fully mature. And it's (deep sigh) seductive! And some can handle it, and others, like my father (another big sigh) ... when one ascends, the power ages you. You whittle away ... and DIE!

It's so tacky even the music is cheesy, but why am I still watching? Because everyone, including the girls, are incredibly hot! Sometimes it's fun to watch a bunch of goodlooking people with no wrinkles or imperfections prance around in prep school clothes, drive fast sports cars, and kiss in the moonlight before going to meet at the Putnam Barn for some good old witch fighting!

Clearly, I am in need of some good network television shows. Thankfully, they'll all be back in a month. In fact, my BFF and I created a spreadsheet for our fall TV lineup listing the networks, time slots, and premiere dates. I can't wait for September!

With the book I'm trying to write, lesson plans I'm supposed to be working on for my new little job, miles I'm supposed to be running in order to decrease the size of my ass, books I should be reading, house I'm supposed to be cleaning, and oh yes, the children I'm supposed to be raising, I shouldn't be so concerned with mindless movies and television dramas. But, I need these things to help me write! It's not about procrastination, people! It's about the creativity! Duh!

Today, my Big Girl had her first weepy day of first grade. Everything was fine until she was at gymnastics after school, and right in the middle of class, she just started weeping about her wrist that was in "intense" pain. I have been warned by everyone to expect a first grader to be weepy, whiny, moody, etc. during the first few weeks, but I hope this doesn't happen often. With our recent move, it is hard for me to believe she's only dealing with the adjustment of being at school all day, which makes me worry even more about her, and then who do you think ends up crying? Me. I don't mind crying, but the two of us walking around here crying at the same time is not a good thing.

On a bright note: the Little Man met his preschool teacher today and loved her. He also saw his classroom and enjoyed getting acquainted with all the manipulatives, but when asked what his favorite thing was, he mumbled something about the teacher being "really pretty." At least something made a lasting impression on him!

Before I go, I have to ask a favor: I'm in search of nicknames. I need funny ones that high school guys use when referring to their friends. So far, I have Sasquatch for the Hairy friend. Any ideas?

Miles I ran today: NONE! I'll save that for tomorrow. Maybe.
What I'm reading: The Outsiders (for middle school lesson plans) and The Book Thief

Forum Addiction

You can all relax. Although I was certainly consumed with the Eclipse forum last week, you'll all be happy to know that I have backed off a bit. Four hours in one night was a bit much, don't you think?

As frustrating as the forum was at times, I have to say that it ended up being great fun. I even felt like I made some online friends. Now I'm sad because we're all moving on, or should I say getting back to our normal lives and tending to much more important matters, but I have to say, I think I'll miss chatting with a few of those crazy fans. I won't miss getting told I'm a horrible person who knows nothing about teenagers, and of course getting told I have something shoved up my ass isn't something I need to hear again any time soon, but the others were fun. We shared book suggestions, husband talk, and told stories about our kids, plus we enjoyed swooning over Edward (and for Wolf Girl, Jacob, too). It was fun, but as I said, I must tend to my real life.

I'm happy to report that last week I cranked out 16,000 words for the new project I'm working on. It's considered a YA novel, and I am loving it very much. After the last book, I wasn't certain I could ever love any other characters as much as the ones from my first novel, but I'm finding that if anything, the opposite is true. Perhaps it's the story, or maybe I'm just getting better at this, but I'm finding that there is more depth to the story and the characters, and the emotions run far deeper in this one. It's very different on so many levels ...different genre, setting, conflict, etc., plus, my main character isn't witty and funny, so there isn't as much silly humor. Regardless, I'm so happy to be writing again, and I can't wait to finish this and get it out to people to see what they think.

I saw "Becoming Jane" at the theater this weekend. I really enjoyed it, and not just because Austen is my favorite author and I have a Pride and Prejudice addiction. For me, it was great to see her struggling and working on her writing even though everyone was against her pursuiing a writing career. I can relate to that, so it meant a lot to me. Anyone can write, but the odds of making a career out of it aren't favorable, then or now. Her strong will inspired me.

Speaking of writing careers ...I saw this morning that Stephenie Meyer, author of my beloved Twilight series and creator of my most precious Edward Cullen, vampire and lover extraordinaire, is now being compared to JK Rowling because of the astounding sales of the recently released Eclipse. With 1.5 million in sales in just two weeks, the book/series is now # 2 on the list, second only to Rowling. Exposure to Meyer and the series is everywhere, and all this success makes me wonder: how does a person's life change when you sell 1.5 million copies of a book?

Before Twilight was published, Meyer was a stay-at-home mom in Arizona. I can't imagine what her life will be like now. Jennifer Weiner claims that she lives a normal life and is unknown by everyone; she is a NY Times bestselling author, but 1.5 million in two weeks is really unheard of. Rarely does that happen, and I wonder if the author is excited, how could she not be, but also overwhelmed? It's just a thought that nobody probably cares about more than me, but it's been on my mind.

Tonight, I will be watching the movie The Covenant. Why? Well, my online friends have recommended it because we are all busy trying to decide what actors should be cast in the movie version of Twilight. According to my pals, the perfect actors for Edward and Jacob are in this teen movie, so naturally, I had to rent it. Like I've said a gazillion times, this is important business. And hey, I'll work my tail off today and accomplish all things on my "To Do" list, so why can't I watch a little vampire movie and drool over 20 year-olds? A girl has to have a bit of mindless fun, right?

Big Girl is back to school again. This is the first full week, so I'm a bit nervous about how tired and whiny she may become. Or maybe not. Positive thoughts! Waking up at 6:30 AM will have no negative effects on her! And Little Man went to check out his preschool today while I had a teaching meeting. He loved his teacher and is excited about starting later in the week, although he was quite disappointed that he doesn't get to ride a bus yet.

Edward Cullen Swooner Moment of the Day: "I love you. I want you. Right now."

Okay, can anyone hear me growling???? Not in a ferocious, bear-is-going-to-attack-you sort of way, but more like a sexy, Catwoman type growl that truthfully, when I attempted it, was far more amusing than seductive. Perhaps I should never try that again.

What I'm reading: The Book Thief
Miles to run today: Um, yeah, right.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Blisters and the desperate need for a support group!

I'm embarrassed to admit that I have two strange blisters. One is from sharpening 24 pencils for the Big Girl's first day of school. The other I received while dragging my hand across the edge of my laptop repeatedly. Yes, it was the Eclipse forum again. It may be time for some intervention.

It's really quite pathetic as I was on there for several hours. Obviously I could have been watching a movie, reading, writing, or cleaning up toys, but what fun would that have been? Instead of being productive, I chose to make more enemies among the youth of America by posting as Ft. Wayne Reader. I think it's safe to say that they really don't like me, which is interesting because the youth I have worked with in the past typically are quite fond of me. Maybe they like me for my charming personality instead of my views.

Since I haven't taught for a few years, I have forgotten how informative teens can be when they are feeling defensive and angry. In the past 24 hours, I've learned a lot from these passionate readers. For example, did you know that "sex aint no big deal" and "we're all doin it anyway" and that using punctuation is not the norm anymore yes apparently periods commas question marks etc are pointless and you can go on and talk about stuff for days on end without ever punctuating once even though what ur sayin makes no sense because it is all just a bunch of mumbo jumbo thrown together with a gazillion misspelled words that requires translation for anyone reading who has even half a brain.

Luckily for me, I'm quite experienced with such translation, but for those of you who aren't, beware. You're more likely to understand something written in swahili.

That said, I'm happy to say that I did find a few friends on the forum and that much of it was quite enjoyable. It's not only fun but very important to talk about young, twenty-something actors suitable to play parts in movies. Despite the enjoyment had while corresponding on "The Perfect Edward" post, I did promise myself that I was going to stop checking the posts and do something much more important and productive with my time. Honestly though, would you be able to resist responding to this comment:

"you all just have something shoved up your butts because you hate this. "

Hmm. Ft. Wayne Reader was offended by that. Of course she HAD to respond, after she bent over and checked her ass first. Finally, she put an end to her frustration by going outside and beating herself with a stick, then went promptly to bed and fell asleep while watching a Kristi Yamaguchi special on Fit TV.

Other news: Big Girl is back on the bus. We are sooooooo pumped about the biggest movie release in the history of network television: High School Musical 2! Everybody sing, "We're all in this together ..." She even wore her HSM t-shirt to school today. Wahoo!

Little Man and I are off to the library. I will be picking up The Book Thief. Had the book been in my possession last night, I would have consumed myself with that instead of responding to the many insults hurled at Ft. Wayne Reader and all other adults hellbent on banning books, restricting choices for teens, and playing moral police to the entire world! Because THAT, my friends, is what my life is all about. Right? Geesh.

Edward Cullen Swooner for the Day: "Sleep, my Bella. Dream happy dreams. You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours. Sleep, my only love."


Miles to run today: is anyone really keeping track?
Toys to pick up: approximately a gazillion
Movie to watch tomorrow night: "Becoming Jane" ...I can't wait!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Big Girl Gets on the Bus

Miss Viola is out of the dark and is back to blogging. I never intended to go away for so long, but we moved, I edited and rewrote a book, ran a half marathon ...these were busy times. And now, I'm still busy but feel the urge to share my ramblings with the world, or shall I say, two friends and my mother.

Big news of the day: my daughter is officially a first grader. Yes, she rode the bus last year home from kindergarten, but this year, Mama actually had to let her get on the big bus and ride away. I smiled and waved, taking pictures the entire time, and then, when that bus went around the corner, yes, I cried. Just a few tears as I walked back to the house. I saved the sobbing until I was safe in my kitchen talking to my husband on his cell.

I know she will be fine. She is so ready for this, and I'm so excited about her future and love to watch her grow. But watching her grow up is so bittersweet. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to wake up tomorrow and be standing at her wedding. Okay, new subject. Getting weepy again.

Other news: I have officially become addicted to an online forum and am in danger of needing a support group. The discussion is over a book I recently read, and let's just say that my alterego is getting a bit pissy about the discussion. Honestly, I've taught over 1,000 teenagers, but it always astounds me how defensive teens can become simply when parents or adults have an opinion they disagree with about something they love. What's funny is that they're bashing the adults who "no nuthin'" about teens, the real world, and sex (um, yeah, actually, I do know something about that!) but use words like "ur" for your. Really, if you want to be taken seriously and make a valid point, it may be appropriate to make sure you don't sound like an idiot first!

Really, I get the fact that teenagers think they know everything. I know I did. In fact, I was one of the teens out there protesting the use of warning labels on CDs because I felt I had the right to listen to my high quality heavy metal music full of profanity and lyrics about nothing other than sex and drugs. I, like these teens, was adamant that my choices regarding music, television, books, or movies wouldn't affect me or my behavior.

The teens on this forum feel the same way, which is fine, but it's sad and frightening how these particular teens think that using language and words that should be saved for the chat rooms and text messages will help them in a debate with anyone. Also, the accusations about parents and teachers are ridiculous. Not only are they misquoting and making statements that are simply untrue, but use this as their defense ...

"OMG yall dis jus a book yall why u makin such a big deal bout a book when nobody did nuthin cept talk about sex and they was in love and yall just need to quit freakin bout nuthin ur all goin way over the top bout all this omg yall. OMG! Peeple is havin sex all da time yall get over it cuz it don't mean nobody is goin to do nuthin just cuz they read about omg yall. My brother is like 14 and he ready knows evrything bout sex yeah."


On that note, I think I'll move on. Tomorrow, after I'll watch my big girl get on the bus again, I will spend my day with Little Man. Today, we baked cookies for Big Sis, watched the garbage truck, and read books about guessed it! Trucks! I will also continue working on my new novel which I am sooooo excited about. Then, I will hopefully have time to start a new post titled "Post Traumatic Eclipse Disorder" where I will discuss the finer points of Edward Cullen, Stephenie Meyer's delicious vampire boy. Yum yum double yum!

Miles to run today: Three.
Miles I will run today: Zero.
Number of Twizzlers I will eat because cool friend sent them to me in the mail: entire package.
Currently reading: Fourth Comings by Megan McCaffety and Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand.