Friday, August 17, 2007

Blisters and the desperate need for a support group!

I'm embarrassed to admit that I have two strange blisters. One is from sharpening 24 pencils for the Big Girl's first day of school. The other I received while dragging my hand across the edge of my laptop repeatedly. Yes, it was the Eclipse forum again. It may be time for some intervention.

It's really quite pathetic as I was on there for several hours. Obviously I could have been watching a movie, reading, writing, or cleaning up toys, but what fun would that have been? Instead of being productive, I chose to make more enemies among the youth of America by posting as Ft. Wayne Reader. I think it's safe to say that they really don't like me, which is interesting because the youth I have worked with in the past typically are quite fond of me. Maybe they like me for my charming personality instead of my views.

Since I haven't taught for a few years, I have forgotten how informative teens can be when they are feeling defensive and angry. In the past 24 hours, I've learned a lot from these passionate readers. For example, did you know that "sex aint no big deal" and "we're all doin it anyway" and that using punctuation is not the norm anymore yes apparently periods commas question marks etc are pointless and you can go on and talk about stuff for days on end without ever punctuating once even though what ur sayin makes no sense because it is all just a bunch of mumbo jumbo thrown together with a gazillion misspelled words that requires translation for anyone reading who has even half a brain.

Luckily for me, I'm quite experienced with such translation, but for those of you who aren't, beware. You're more likely to understand something written in swahili.

That said, I'm happy to say that I did find a few friends on the forum and that much of it was quite enjoyable. It's not only fun but very important to talk about young, twenty-something actors suitable to play parts in movies. Despite the enjoyment had while corresponding on "The Perfect Edward" post, I did promise myself that I was going to stop checking the posts and do something much more important and productive with my time. Honestly though, would you be able to resist responding to this comment:

"you all just have something shoved up your butts because you hate this. "

Hmm. Ft. Wayne Reader was offended by that. Of course she HAD to respond, after she bent over and checked her ass first. Finally, she put an end to her frustration by going outside and beating herself with a stick, then went promptly to bed and fell asleep while watching a Kristi Yamaguchi special on Fit TV.

Other news: Big Girl is back on the bus. We are sooooooo pumped about the biggest movie release in the history of network television: High School Musical 2! Everybody sing, "We're all in this together ..." She even wore her HSM t-shirt to school today. Wahoo!

Little Man and I are off to the library. I will be picking up The Book Thief. Had the book been in my possession last night, I would have consumed myself with that instead of responding to the many insults hurled at Ft. Wayne Reader and all other adults hellbent on banning books, restricting choices for teens, and playing moral police to the entire world! Because THAT, my friends, is what my life is all about. Right? Geesh.

Edward Cullen Swooner for the Day: "Sleep, my Bella. Dream happy dreams. You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours. Sleep, my only love."


Miles to run today: is anyone really keeping track?
Toys to pick up: approximately a gazillion
Movie to watch tomorrow night: "Becoming Jane" ...I can't wait!


Bellatrix said...

While I have not much to offer you for your blisters and new found obsession I must ask - Did you really post at 503 AM?

Even the Dementors here are asleep at that hour.

ps. This damn thing and I do not get along - if I have to reset my password again - I'll quit.

Miss Viola Bookworm said...

No. I did not post at 5:03 AM. I'm just an idiot who never fixes the time on her computer. Perhaps you can do that for me on your next visit.

The dementors? Oh dear dog, you make me laugh. How many other people would describe their children as cold beings who suck the life out of people? I usually refer to mine lovingly as "the spawn." Makes them sound a bit like a science experiment, huh?

How are the little dementors, by the way? Did Mini Me learn anything at preschool? I mean, I know that her motto is "who cares?" but I was just curious. :)

DO NOT quit posting responses. You're my only faithful reader, or at least the only one who posts every day. Why is it making you do this? I've never changed mine. Email the people at Blogger.