Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Big Girl Gets on the Bus

Miss Viola is out of the dark and is back to blogging. I never intended to go away for so long, but we moved, I edited and rewrote a book, ran a half marathon ...these were busy times. And now, I'm still busy but feel the urge to share my ramblings with the world, or shall I say, two friends and my mother.

Big news of the day: my daughter is officially a first grader. Yes, she rode the bus last year home from kindergarten, but this year, Mama actually had to let her get on the big bus and ride away. I smiled and waved, taking pictures the entire time, and then, when that bus went around the corner, yes, I cried. Just a few tears as I walked back to the house. I saved the sobbing until I was safe in my kitchen talking to my husband on his cell.

I know she will be fine. She is so ready for this, and I'm so excited about her future and love to watch her grow. But watching her grow up is so bittersweet. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to wake up tomorrow and be standing at her wedding. Okay, new subject. Getting weepy again.

Other news: I have officially become addicted to an online forum and am in danger of needing a support group. The discussion is over a book I recently read, and let's just say that my alterego is getting a bit pissy about the discussion. Honestly, I've taught over 1,000 teenagers, but it always astounds me how defensive teens can become simply when parents or adults have an opinion they disagree with about something they love. What's funny is that they're bashing the adults who "no nuthin'" about teens, the real world, and sex (um, yeah, actually, I do know something about that!) but use words like "ur" for your. Really, if you want to be taken seriously and make a valid point, it may be appropriate to make sure you don't sound like an idiot first!

Really, I get the fact that teenagers think they know everything. I know I did. In fact, I was one of the teens out there protesting the use of warning labels on CDs because I felt I had the right to listen to my high quality heavy metal music full of profanity and lyrics about nothing other than sex and drugs. I, like these teens, was adamant that my choices regarding music, television, books, or movies wouldn't affect me or my behavior.

The teens on this forum feel the same way, which is fine, but it's sad and frightening how these particular teens think that using language and words that should be saved for the chat rooms and text messages will help them in a debate with anyone. Also, the accusations about parents and teachers are ridiculous. Not only are they misquoting and making statements that are simply untrue, but use this as their defense ...

"OMG yall dis jus a book yall why u makin such a big deal bout a book when nobody did nuthin cept talk about sex and they was in love and yall just need to quit freakin bout nuthin ur all goin way over the top bout all this omg yall. OMG! Peeple is havin sex all da time yall get over it cuz it don't mean nobody is goin to do nuthin just cuz they read about omg yall. My brother is like 14 and he ready knows evrything bout sex yeah."


On that note, I think I'll move on. Tomorrow, after I'll watch my big girl get on the bus again, I will spend my day with Little Man. Today, we baked cookies for Big Sis, watched the garbage truck, and read books about guessed it! Trucks! I will also continue working on my new novel which I am sooooo excited about. Then, I will hopefully have time to start a new post titled "Post Traumatic Eclipse Disorder" where I will discuss the finer points of Edward Cullen, Stephenie Meyer's delicious vampire boy. Yum yum double yum!

Miles to run today: Three.
Miles I will run today: Zero.
Number of Twizzlers I will eat because cool friend sent them to me in the mail: entire package.
Currently reading: Fourth Comings by Megan McCaffety and Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand.


Bellatrix said...

wuz up sistah! WTF & OMG!!

that's the best i can do.

Put away the weepy - this is why you had a miniature version of yourself. It's all good - if I were you I'd be more worried about her coming home asking if she is allowed to kiss boys this year. You know - Hannah Montana has a boy friend this season.

Here's one for you.. this morning after dropping off #1 to her first grade class I was driving Mini Me to her preschool class and asked "what do you think you will do in school today?" Her response "who cares?!" Has she skipped kindergarten, all of elementary and went straight to middle school? Later this afteroon #1 was remarking that it wasn't nice to hit people in the eye with a yoyo. She said "you aren't supposed to swing a yoyo by peoples faces" To which MM replied "who knew?" Apparently it's one liner week on "the suite life of Zach & Cody" Who knew??

xoxo & kisses,
because I couldn't remember the password from my last login name and this damn program isn't very forgiving.

Miss Viola Bookworm said...

I LOVE that your new name is Bellatrix, and not because you are anything like the fictional character. Mostly, I just want to see you impersonate Helena Bonham Carter from HP and the OOTP. That scene where she is cackling on the rocks outside of Azkaban ...I want to see that the next time we get together and have some adult beverages.