Wednesday, November 7, 2007


It's a grrrrreat day in Miss Viola's writing world! Yesterday I sent my manuscript off to an agent who requested it, and today, I received two more requests! This is so ... well, it makes me very happy! Wahoo!

The other two were requests for a partial manuscript, and I've had plenty of rejections at this point, so I understand that more are sure to come, but still ... I'm trying sooooo hard not to get my hopes up, but this is difficult when you have so much respect for the agents. One is a new agent off to a great start building her client list and making sales, another is very well-established in the business and has a wonderful client list and record of sales, and the other is my very favorite agent blogger! I'm so excited!

Obviously. Shall we pause to count the exclamation points in this blog post?

Other news: today is my baby's birthday. He's four years-old today. I can't believe it. How did he grow up so fast? He's so funny and has enjoyed telling everyone, including random strangers at McDonald's, that "I was once free but I'm four today you know? It's my birfday and I'm four now. Happy Birthday!" Mind you, he was wearing a gold "Happy Birthday" crown, so it wasn't necesary to tell everyone about his big day, but still, it is his day, and I'm all about proclaiming one's birthday to the world.

For his bday dinner he chose sloppy joes and french fries, plus we also were supposed to bring treats for his preschool class today. It was so funny this morning when I asked him, "Are you excited to bring treats for your class?"

He clapped his hands. "Oh yes, I can't wait! Mrs. Grover is going to be so happy when I bring sloppy joes and french fries to Bear class!"

Obviously, we chose to bring the oatmeal cream pies instead, only after much convincing and persuasion on my part. He just doesn't see how bringing sloppy joes and fries to preschool at 9:00 AM could be a problem. :)

Anyway, we're all happy around Miss Viola's house today. Last week was insane, filled with court trials (seriously! I had to testify! Won't get into details, but yes, it was intense!), vomiting, Halloween parties, and scrapbooking. Yes, you read that correctly. I made a scrapbook. Never have I attempted such a thing, but I must say, it turned out pretty well considering it was my first effort. It was for my sister-in-law's bday, and I think she was happy with it.

This week, I have to make cakes. With icing tips. Not just square cakes either. Bob the Builder and Tinkerbell! The big family party is this weekend, and I committed to making cakes for my son and daughter (her bday is next week), but now, I admit to getting a bit frightened. Perhaps I should call the bakery now. Just in case.

Oh, and I need to say that my affection for Tom Brady is officially over. It was based purely on attraction, and yes, he may still look scrumptious despite the win over the Colts on Sunday. I, however, can no longer support him. Stetson ad or not, my devotion to the Peyton and the Colts is much stronger than my lust for Mr. Brady. Sorry, Tom. We're over.

What I'm reading: The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory
How many miles I'm running: Just two per day, but I'm back to three days a week! Must continue ... the Galloping Gobbler race on Tgiving day is in a few weeks!