Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cougars Unite!

It was my friend's birthday last week. I'm happy that it's her birthday so she can celebrate and get presents, funny cards, singing messages on her voicemail, etc. Anyone who knows me is definitely aware that I love celebrating my birthday, so I'm excited when it's somebody else's big day, even though nobody seems to be as excited about theirs as I am mine. I have to admit though, as the numbers go up, the less excited I get.

Time seems to go by so fast that I don't think we realize how we age physically. I still feel and act, unfortunately, like I'm a twenty year-old sometimes, so I just walk around thinking I look like I did ten years ago instead of the way I look now as a thirty-something. Now don't get me wrong: I'm not upset with the way I look for my age. I'm just noticing that I don't get carded anymore, and I swear that sometimes when I'm out and about, I've seen giggly teenage girls look at me like I'm the "old" lady.

My friend, who is the same age as I am, was out recently at a bar with another friend, and apparently some younger guys were checking her out and referred to her as a cougar. My research revealed that a cougar in slang terms means "an attractive older lady." WTF?!!? She's in her early thirties! They were right when they said she was attractive because she's as adorable and tiny as ever, but still! An older lady! Whatever.

It's true. Age is only a number. I can be thankful for my age and be happy for all the days I have. I also realize that you're only as old as you think you are, that you can do anything and be anything you want, despite your age. Still, as offended as I may be by the fact that my friend was referred to as an attractive "older" lady, well, I admit to still wanting to be one.

That said, I admit to being shallow and wanting a bit of Botox. Not much, just a little shot right between my eyebrows. The battle against that huge wrinkle is not going in my favor. And after that, perhaps a little teeth whitening? Oh, and that one dimple I had on the backs of my thighs when I was twenty five, well, it found some friends. Must get rid of those. Yes, it's true! I want to be a Cougar. How pathetic is that? Oh well. I know I'm not alone. I'm sure that my friends have their aging wishlists as well, so I say, Cougars Unite! Wahoo!

Other news: I'm happy to report that the big girl is still doing well at school. The Hound Dogs are still in effect, and she and the gang are having fun, adding new members, playing soccer, and are even branching out at recess to meet other friends. It seems as if they bonded together in their new student status, and after only three days, have the strength to face the first grade playground alone. I guess it's true what the teacher told me about first graders being resilient. Let's hope that my girl stays that way.

The little man is still enjoying school every day. He still loves his pretty teacher and enjoys telling us about the hermit crabs in his classroom. "Mommy," he says after class each day, "did you know that we have a pet called a hermit crabs? And guess what? He has a shell and legs that stick out." He is so intrigued. It's so fun to watch him become more independent while discovering the world.

Some exciting news: I'm going to the Stephenie Meyer book signing in Cincinnati! My cousin and I went last time and had a blast. I've been mentioning it casually, hoping she would want to go again, and finally, she called and said we should do it. I happened to have a couple parenting meltdowns just days before she called, so I'm not sure if she's going because she wants to or because she desperately thinks I need a night out! Either way, we're going with our stack of books, "I Love Edward Cullen" t-shirts, and a nice quiet car to chat in for three hours! I can't wait!

What I'm reading: Still on The Book Thief
Miles to run: Run? Who runs?
What's playing on my IPOD: my new favorite youthful song: "Here in Your Arms" by Hello Goodbye


Bellatrix said...

I am very disturbed by the Cougar. What happened to MILF? It's crude but yet complimentary. Although I guess in the situation motherhood was probably not evident. Still Cougar?

Not loving it.

Miss Viola Bookworm said...

I'm not loving Cougar either. I'm thrilled that she was found to be attractive. She is attractive, but an attractive "older" woman????


As far as I know, the term MILF is still way in. In fact, I was called an ALF the other day. Figure that out. And no, it doesn't mean Alien Life Form like many would choose to believe.