Monday, October 15, 2007

Random Things

So many things on my mind today.

1) Tom Brady. Thanks to my hayfever headache yesterday, I was able to garner up some sympathy from my husband and was allowed to stay in bed ALL day. Usually I would read, but I couldn't pull myself away from Tom. Like I told my friend this morning, I am a Colts fan and love Peyton. I love his jovial side he displays during commercials. I love his manners and graciousness I've been priviledged enough to experience firsthand. I love his football intelligence. Peyton is our man, and I do feel a bit bad about lusting over the quarterback of our rival. I really, really do, but I just can't help it. Tom Brady is HOT. I watched yesterday's game between the Pats and the Cowboys with more interest and intensity than I've watched any Colts game lately. Sorry, but Tom is a vision, and I enjoy ogling.

2) I have a faithful reader, and dearest one, you may remember me mentioning how much I LOVED the book Looking for Alaska by John Green. I have recently discovered the author's website and have become addicted to Brotherhood 2.0, in which John and his brother communicate solely with videos (is the correct term vlog?) for an entire year. These two are so funny, I find myself watching video after video and ignoring household chores. How is it, that when I conquer one addiction, another one creeps up on me? At least this one is a healthy addiction in that it makes me laugh like crazy.

Thanks to John and Hank, I'm now a self-proclaimed Nerdfighter (more on that tomorrow) and cannot stop myself from using the phrase "in my pants" at all times. The game, if you want to call it that, is to end every book title with the phrase "in my pants." This is quite fun as you can imagine. Just think of it ... To Kill a Mockingbird in my pants. The Lovely Bones in my pants. The Choice in my pants. Eat, Pray, Love in my pants. New Moon in my pants. You get the point. It's fun and again, I find myself chuckling to myself as I walk around my house. Problem is, I don't just use the phrase when spouting off book titles. I find myself inserting it everywhere, which is funny to me, but perhaps not as funny to telemarketers or cash register employees at supercenters.

3) Still slowly reading Love in the Time of Cholera. And oh yes, I also began Joe College by Tom Perotta. When not laughing out loud at my many "in my pants" comments, I'm busy laughing with and about Danny as he drives the Roach Coach around New Jersey. Sorry Cholera for getting distracted so early. I am not giving up. I'm on page 30 and yes, I WILL finish and love this book! I am an English major and will do this! Soon, I will be spouting off intelligent quotes from serious, literary fiction instead of shouting about my pants.

4) I worked out this morning. Can feel butt shrinking. Wahoo!

5) Friday Night Lights ... oh my goodness. Connie Britton deserves an emmy. Every time she cries, I just want to hug her. I remember those days with a newborn, and to think of being alone with a crying baby and a teenager ... yikes. The only thing I can say about Mrs. T's teenager is, "Julie, Julie, Julie." What in the world is she doing? I get it. I was a teenage girl once, so I suppose I understand this rebellious streak she is embarking upon. Still, I have to cringe as I watch her make the mistakes she's making. And Lyla ... I may feel worse for her than I do Mrs. T. Now that she has found Jesus (good for her), she has to refuse Tim Riggins! How terrible! I would be in serious trouble if that boy was my neighbor. Seriously, every time he grins, I have to cover my face because I'm embarrassed. Where was Tim Riggins back in the day at NHS???? I sooo needed a boy like him to get me in trouble.

6) Big Shots. Still loving it. More laughs for Miss Viola.

Nothing more to add today. Haircuts and school pictures tomorrow! Wahoo! Have a great day!

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