Thursday, October 18, 2007

My pants and Manwhores

It's Thursday, and my friend is coming to visit from Indy! Wahoo!

A few thoughts today ...

1) I'm still having fun with book titles and "in my pants." How about ...

A GIRL NAMED ZIPPY ... in my pants
A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT ... in my pants
QUEEN OF BABBLE ... in my pants
COCKTAILS FOR THREE ... in my pants
SOMETHING BLUE ... in my pants
MY SISTER'S KEEPER ... in my pants
THE EMPEROR'S CHILDREN ... in my pants

Any suggestions?

2) My picture of Sir Hotness, Tom Brady, has sparked quite a discussion amongst my readers about who really is the hottest QB in the NFL. Technically, Brady is the winner hands down; however, there are a few concerns about Brady that have garnered Trent Green and Brett Favre honorable mention status. Apparently Brady's hairdo doesn't suit Reader Number One, who feels as if looks like he belongs in an episode of "Chips" rather than our Hot QB list. The recent Stetson ad featuring the King of the Butt Chin have been somewhat convincing, but then, this whole issue of his alleged manwhore status creeps up.

This leads me to wonder ... what exactly constitutes a manwhore? Are you a manwhore because you have sex with gazillions of people? Are you a manwhore because you date one supermodel after another? Are you a manwhore because you have sex with more than half the female population of your high school graduating class? Are you a manwhore because you have a baby with your former girlfriend but don't reunite with the baby mommy after the pregnancy is announced and the child is born? And more importantly, when fantasizing and drooling over some of the hottest and best athletes in the world that you never, ever in your life will meet, hook up with, or speak to because you are a stay-at-home mom in Indiana who is happily married with two children, is manwhore status really an issue?

Clearly, we need some clarification on this matter. After all, the stakes are high in the Miss Viola and Friends Hottest NFL Quarterback Competition, and according to KZ, Trent Green hugs his daughters on the sidelines, and Brett Favre? Do we even need to talk about what kind of class act he is? Still, can they compete with this?

3) I saw "We Own the Night" with Wa-Keen Phoenix the other night. Yes, I do know this isn't the correct spelling, but seriously, do you know how to spell it? Beyond the first letter, which I believe is a J, I admit to having no clue. And since I have a first grader, I'm quite accustomed to inventive spelling, so I thought I would give it a try. Anyway, I loved the movie. If you're into movies with a bit of drugs, crime, police, 1970's music, and of course, Wa-Keen, then go for it. For my non-existent male readers, Eva Mendes (who isn't pretty at all!!! yeah, right!) will catch your attention, I assure you. I'm pretty certain that if my husband sees this movie, Thandie Newton will get knocked off his top list of hotties by the first scene of the movie alone. The acting by Robert Duvall, Wa-Keen, and Mark Wahlberg is great, Eva is hot, the story is intense and will keep you on the edge of your seat, plus the soundtrack of 70's music (including two songs by Blondie!) is great. I highly recommend it. Great date night movie.

And now, Miss Viola is off to save the world by ... going to the grocery store, with a toddler, in the rain! Have a super day!

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