Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"It's just the best, Mom."

"What?" I asked, retrieving another card from the fish pond.

Little Man set his newest match (Big G and Little g) in his match pile, smiled and said, "You, Mommy. Just you."

Did you hear that? I'm the best. Just Me! Isn't that precious? I think so, especially since just twenty four hours prior to being the best, my main man and I weren't on such good terms because I wouldn't let him have a snack in bed. He stood at the sink, slobbering and sobbing while brushing his teeth, saying, "But why, Mommy? Why can't I have a snack in mine bed? It's mine bed! I can do it if I want to. Daddy lets me eat in mine bed."

"Yes, sweetie," I said, wiping the toothpaste off his cheeks, "I know Daddy let you eat mashed potatoes in bed the other night, but Mommy is, um, how shall I say this? Mommy is ... smarter than that."

Yes, you read that correctly. Daddy actually handed the child a small bowl of mashed potatoes to eat. In his bed. In the dark. At 8:30 at night. Why?

"Because he was hungry and wouldn't stop crying," Daddy said.

Hmm. It's no surprise, when I refused to let my little guy have some goldfish before bed, that he got mad and finally said, "Fine. I'm not going to be your best friend for a long time."

Sure, we could talk about Daddy's mashed potatoes and how INSANE that is, but let's focus on me instead. My best friend status was ripped away, but that was last week, and now, I'm the best again! Isn't it great?

Something that hasn't been the best lately is my writing. I've been slacking. This isn't good because when I don't write at all, it just makes everything else just not have it's ... how shall I say it? I can't describe it really. I guess I should just say that I'm just happier when I'm writing and playing around in the worlds I've invented. Sometimes though I get caught up in submissions, writing a synopis, and basically anything that has to do with publishing, and when I do that, I get nothing accomplished. The writing itself is a blessing, but the process of trying to get published is daunting, and it's not difficult for me to become obsessed with statistics and technicalities of a query or author bio. When I let that happen, well, nothing else happens! Nothing good anyway. So, I'm moving on!

I'm happy to say that I'm back to blogging, even when I feel as if I have nothing exciting to share, and I'm going to finish my YA book today (rough draft). Then, I'm back to submitting for Miss Jennifer. Wahoo! I'm on a mission!

Some super things that have been happening would obviously include the return of network television shows. Top on my list still include Friday Night Lights, Grey's Anatomy, and Prison Break, but I also love Big Shots, and I'm bummed because I heard it isn't doing well. How can it not do well? I'm confused. Obviously it has an awesome time slot following Grey's, but it's funny and has Dylan McDermott and Michael Vartan! Come on, People! Please watch. And if you still aren't watching Friday Night Lights, I have to say, you are soooo missing out! Honestly, it's the best hour on television, and don't start yapping to me about House and how it is the greatest hour on television! It may be great, but come on! Aren't there enough medical dramas out there? We're talking about football! And high school! And real people drama with extremely good-looking people! And that adorable Kyle Chandler! What's not to love about Friday Night Lights?

In addition to being consumed with TV, I've been reading some great stuff lately. Richard Paul Evans is coming to Ft. Wayne for an author signing at Mitchell Books, so I reread The Last Promise, which is a nice love story filled with descriptions of art, the Italian countryside, Italian foods and recipes, and wine festivals. I also snatched up the latest by Nicholas Sparks. As usual, you have a romance with two impossibly good-looking people in their thirties with charming friends and families, a bit of drama, and a beautiful South Carolina setting in the background. It was a nice, quick read to fill up a Sunday afternoon.

My favorites that I'm recommending to everyone are: Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl and The View from Mount Joy by Lorna Landvik. I loved, loved, loved them both. So different, but both memorable to me in so many ways. I loved the narrators and know they will be with me a long time. With Special Topics, I found Blue, and I just want to meet her and wish she were a student of mine, someone I could get to know so I could hear more of her thoughts. The entire cast of characters, even though I disliked a few here and there, were disturbing at times but also very enjoyable. The hundreds of literary refences (both real and fictional) might be distracting for some, but I enjoyed them. The entire novel was just so clever and surprising, which was something I wasn't expecting at all. With Mount Joy, I absolutely loved Joe Andreson; he's the kind of guy you just want to know, as a best friend, brother, husband, or in my case, since I'm already married, someone you want your daughter to find someday. I simply adored him, and the entire story is one that makes you think about your life and appreciate what you have. I loved it so much and am sad it's over.

Now I'm starting Love in the Time of Cholera. Yes, I'm reading along with Oprah. I admit to not getting through One Hundred Days of Solitude, but I'm hoping for better luck (and a better attention span on my part) with this one. It's described as one of the greatest love stories ever written, and that is definitely my cup of tea, so I'm looking forward to it.

The cul de sac isn't exactly hopping with activity these days, so I have no other news to share. It's a quiet Wednesday around Miss Viola's house, but I'll be busy writing and watching the family while enjoying the view from my own personal Mount Joy. It truly is lovely.

Have a good day!

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