Monday, February 12, 2007

We'll Always Have Paris

Once again, I watched Casablanca the other night, and I admit to swooning for 100 minutes straight. The American Film Institute named Humphrey Bogart the Greatest Male Star of All Time, and I agree. The man is a stud. Plain and simple. He's got the walk, the talk, and a scowl mixed with pain and anger that makes me melt. And boy, does that man know how to wear a suit.

Last night, I watched bits and pieces of the Grammy's, and yes, Christina Aguilera can sing. Yes, Justin Timberlake can look ... hot. And yes, Chris Brown can dance. But the best part of the Grammys has to be the five awards the Chicks received last night. I was also happy to see Mary J. Blige win three awards as well. In fact, anyone over the age of 30 gets my vote. Why?

My sister pointed out to me the other day that yes, we are too old to try out for American Idol. Do we want to try out for American Idol? No. But, the fact that we can't, simply because we are in our 30s is frustrating. I resent the fact that the producers of American Idol think someone over the age of 28 doesn't have the talent, looks, or persona needed to appeal to the masses and be a pop star. The list of winners from last night's Grammy Awards show proves otherwise. Call them the Grannys if you want. I'm just happy that the recording industry rewards talent regardless of age.

On the agenda for today: Library Time! It's the Winter Reading program, and the kids and I are hoping to hit the 600 point mark so we can win the big award (free admission to the local bowling alley). After that, it's school and dance class, and then it's time for the snow, convicts, and a little Jack Bauer. Apparently we might get up to eight inches tonight, but I'll be too busy watching Prison Break and 24 to notice. I'll check out the accumulation during commercial breaks while scanning the bottom of the tv screen for school updates. For my daughter and teaching friends out there ... No School Tomorrow! WAHOO!

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Don Keybalz said...

I thought this was about Paris Hilton.