Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mommy, what's a ...

Several odd things have happened today.

Little Man apparently has a little intestinal bug growing inside him. He has hit, and unfortunately, missed the toilet a few times today. The cleanup is disgusting, yet I can't avoid laughing at his commentary while I'm on my hands and knees with a wet towel and a bottle of Resolve, scrubbing away at his mess. It's hard not to laugh and sympathize with a person who says, "Mommy, I stink bad bad bad." Fun times indeed.

Meanwhile, as Little Man and I were tending to the carpet, Daughter was in the kitchen perusing Mommy's bookshelves. She moved the kitchen chairs to surround a shelf and covered them with a blanket, making a little tent for herself. After spraying myself with Lysol, scrubbing my hands with antibacterial soap, and sticking the newly disinfected Little Man in his room with a basket of cars to play with, I returned to the macaroni and cheese I was cooking. Just as I'm pouring the macaroni into the strainer, Daughter says, "Mommy, what does P-E-L-V-I-S spell? Does it spell pelvis? Because I think it spells pelvis, and I don't know what a pelvis is."

I said, "What are you doing over there in your little tent?"

"I'm reading your books," she says. "And I want to know what a," and this part she recites again in true spelling bee form, "P-E-L-V-I-S. Pelvis. What's a pelvis?"

So here's the question of the day? Why is it, that when I hear the word pelvis, my mind automatically heads to the gutter? A reference to a pelvis could include a wide variety of things, such as someone breaking a pelvis. Or maybe someone was born with the rare genetic condition of not having a pelvis. It could be anything, yet I hear the word pelvis, and I think of hips and thrusting and all sorts of X rated things. What does this say about me?!

I think the answer has to be that I taught middle school too long. There are many words that still cause me to giggle when I shouldn't, but when you spend your days with 13-year-old boys, you learn that words such as rod, stick, wood, hard, rack, and yes, pelvis, are terms one cannot say without laughing. Trust me; this type of immaturity can rub off on a person. Yikes. I just said 'rub off' and am laughing again.

On to other things.

Currently reading Back to Big Stone Gap by the wonderful Adriana Trigiani. This is the fourth novel in a great series. I've read all of Trigiani's books and have loved them all. Her characters are real people you can relate to, and she always infuses her stories with interesting Italian stories, recipes, and family drama. Returning to Ave Maria MacChesney, her husband Jack Mac, Iva Lou, and the rest of the crew from Big Stone Gap is a treat. After this I'll move on to our book club choice: I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.

Read the Border's Shortlist email today and am now very interested in the new novel by Joe Hill called Heart-Shaped Box. Apparently, Hill is Stephen King's son, and that alone makes me want to read his first novel which sounds weird, strange, and frightening, making me want to read it even more. I admit to loving King's work but haven't read much only because I get the bejeezus scared out of myself and have to sleep with all the lights on. His latest though, Lisey's Story, was incredible. I laughed, I cried, and yes, there were many moments where I scooted closer to Husband while he was snoring beside me in bed. Lots of unanswered questions and things that don't make sense, but for me, that's just Stephen King. You can't try to figure it out or answer all the questions. You just have to go with it.

Speaking of not asking questions, if anyone is questioning Lost more and more as the weeks go on, you aren't alone. As I watch the show, I'm always confused, but I'm still amazed. It's not surprising to me that the creators of the show are huge King fans. I know that Jack's stuck with the Others and that Kate and Sawyer are on their way back to the island, but everything else, at least for me anyway, is up in the air. Except for Desmond!

How could I forget about Desmond? Once again, Desmond paraded around the island topless, and as a faithful viewer, I have to say thanks to the producers. I've always considered myself a Jack kind of girl when it comes to Lost, but with Mr. Abs "I can see into the future" Desmond walking around, I could be swayed. It's also worth noting that the guy is certainly reliable. Let us not forget that he did sit in that hatch and press that button for three years straight. A rockin' body, dependability, and he's got a great accent ... what's not to love?

What I won't love is Charlie not living to see the end of season three. Hot Desmond's prediction of Charlie's impending death is disturbing to me. Go ahead and kill off the Others. Not Charlie.

Tonight, I will watch Survivor and Grey's. We'll see if McDreamy can save the day and pull Meredith out of the water. Other than that, it's all about disinfecting the house, hanging out with Daughter, and keeping Stinky Man clean. Husband is out of town on a "guy" trip. Poor guy is missing out on all the fun around here. :)

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Dick Hertzer said...

I am still unable to say the word "bone" since teaching eighth grade.....