Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hot Abs and Shower Gel

I'm blessed with a husband who loves running errands. We often refer to him as the nomad because he's always out running around to various places picking up household cleaners (for his obsessive cleaning issues), Hostess cupcakes (for my sporadic chocolate cravings), and batteries (for my son's battery eating train). Last night, he went out to purchase sweeper bags and asked if I needed anything, so I sent him out with a small list of items, which included shower gel.

I didn't think much of the list until this morning when I found a 64 ounce bottle labeled "MAN'S BODY WASH" in my shower. The large red bottle is the size of my bathroom trash can and weighs more than our cat. I'm sure it was cheaper to purchase this jumbo bottle, but I think the size and weight exist to prove a point. This is big, manly stuff. Refreshing and clean and macho and tough and brawny.

I'm not a picky woman and don't ever pick a specific scent or brand of soap, but while indulging my skin with this high performance gel with it's "fresh, powerful, invigorating" scent, I had to ask myself: where are the water-activated moisturizers? Natural extracts? Smoothing agents? Pore cleansers? Oh well. I have to say, I'm clean, even if I do smell just a bit like Right Guard deodorant. Besides, Husband has walked out of our bathroom smelling like flowers, milk and honey, vanilla, and raspberries. Prior to "MAN'S BODY WASH," he was using Love Spell Body Wash by Victoria's Secret which does leave your skin feeling slightly luxurious and soft with its garden scents which are fabulous for ... a woman.

Therefore, my thought of the day is: MAN'S BODY WASH rocks! Not to mention husbands that drive around in the freezing cold snow while I sit on the couch in my sweats with a head cold. They definitely rock.

Speaking of sitting on my couch in my sweats ... did anyone watch Lost last night? I admit to not usually paying much attention to Desmond, the wacky guy who obsessively pressed "the button" while living in the hatch for three years . But last night, there was a brief shot of Desmond's abs, and I have to say, they are worth nothing. And why talk about abs at all? Well, as a good friend of mine says, it is "highly important to discuss the external obliques of various gentleman we know and love from Hollywood."

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Pete Gozenya said...

Men's shower gel and sitting around in sweats? Do you also play softball and drive a Subaru? You sound really hot.