Friday, February 16, 2007

Casting Call

I finished Home to Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani last night. I was sad when it was over and am considering reading the first three books in the series again. It's been a few years since I read the Big Stone Gap series, but on the first page of the latest novel, I instantly remembered why I love the series and all of Trigiani's books. Whether the story takes place in Virginia, Italy, or New York, you connect with the characters and want to be a part of their lives. I'm always sad when I'm finished and eagerly await her next novel. Apparently she's working on a new series about a family that takes place in Greenwich Village. A tentative release date is Spring 2008.

In the meantime, Ms. Trigiani is working on the film version of Big Stone Gap. She has written the screenplay and will direct the film. This is impressive because, unlike so many other authors, she has not sold the film rights and will obviously be very involved in the creative process while translating the novel from the page to the screen. As a reader, there's nothing worse than seeing a beautiful book destroyed on film (ie. the upcoming Bridge to Terabithia. I haven't seen the movie, so I really shouldn't comment. However, the previews don't even closely resemble the beloved children's book. I'm just one of many teachers I've spoken to who have vowed never to see the film.) It's exciting and admirable that Trigiani values the integrity of her story enough to keep control of the film.

I'm just wondering who will be cast as Ave Maria, the main charater in the series. On her website, Trigiani comments on an actress that she has always had in mind for the character. She doesn't give any names, but oh how I would love to know who it is!

My suggestion: Minnie Driver. I've pictured her as Ave Maria since the first moment I met the character. I just can't imagine anyone else.

My question for today is: what are some of your favorite literary characters that were cast well in films? Who are your favorites? Who is the worst?

Something else to think of, and this always comes up when I discuss Janet Evanovich and her popular Stephanie Plum series: when is the movie for One for the Money coming out, and who will play Stephanie Plum? According to Janet's website, the film rights were sold years ago. As for a date or any pre-production details, I haven't found anything. As for who will play Stephanie Plum, well, there is somebody that is allegedly attached to the film. I won't offer my thoughts on the matter until I hear your suggestions for who could portray our favorite bounty hunter. Any thoughts?


Seymore Butts said...

I have it on good authority that the last actress with "rights" to the Plum series was Jennifer Lopez. Like Stephanie's mother - I cross myself at the thought of such horror. Hopefully it was her production company with the rights and Jennifer will choose a more appropriate actress to play Stephanie. Katherine Heigl would be cute. She is pretty, curvy and seems to be willing to get her hands dirty.

The bigger question remains - "Who is hot enough to play Morelli and Ranger?" The new "between the numbers" novel introduced a new man... Diesel. He was more strange than hot but I do believe he was added to make Stephanie's love triangle a square.

debyz said...

perhaps Goldie's daughter, Kate Hudson, could play Stephanie Plum
Will have to think on the Ranger and Morelli characters. They would have to be way cool!

Magaly said...

I think Sandra Bullock should be Stephanie Plum. I think Joe Morelli should be Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Tank should be Vin Diesel. Lola is Queen Latifa with Connie being Tomei for sure. I think Cousin Vinnie should be Steve Buscemi. Ranger...I kinda see as Benjamin Bratt. I have been trying to get a lock on Stephanie's Parents and although they aren't old enough I have been looking at Stockard Channing and Bill Pullman with Betty White as the infamous Grandma. I have been reading the Stephanie Plum Novels for years along with my step mother and 4 sisters. We have all discussed the characters in length but we all agree on Joe Morelli and Stephanie's characters. We argue more on the parents and who is Ranger. Some of my sisters like The Rock for Ranger. There is also arguments for Debbie Mazar to play Connie and huge disagreements on who should be Joyce Barnwitch. Katherine Heigl is in the lead since Joyce has to be a slut, manipulative and pretty ignorant at times. We are also discussing the cop roles.

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